A Canadian guitarist who does not like bacon, maple syrup OR hockey, but does enjoy heavy metal and badass VGM.

Brandon Strader

Brandon Strader makes music for video games and film, having scored such blockbuster hits as "Vampire Vacation 5: The Suckening." Contact him for a professional services quote.


Alexandre Mourey (aka Chernabogue) is a French student in law, music arranger, and video director. He joined the remixing scene around 2010, and contributed and directed various projects since then. He's also the president of FFL Production, a French association that creates short films.


I got into remixing, and music in general, in April 2011 when I inadvertently made a remix on my son's DS on a little sequencing program called Rytmik. I surprised myself and my husband, and I got FL Studio shortly after that (I have since switched to Cubase). I really like electro, house, trance, and dubstep, but I also like orchestral and I often write in 3/4. Usually I write some sort of genre hybrid.


Jordan Etienne lives in the outer Atlanta area where he Runs Zones by night as the masked funked crusader 'Sir J,' jumps on a soapbox in the morning to drop blaow-rific bars and beats as 'W!SE the all.E,' and travels into other dimensions to use the teachings of guitarists like Buckethead to save the Infinite Universe paradigm under the moniker 'Darkmoocher.'

David L. Puga

David L. Puga is like a cat inside an ocelot, inside a lion, inside a tiger... so a liger I guess. Having spent many a year making videogame remixes, regular old music remixes, and lots of original music, he finally released his first album, Die On My Feet, in 2014. He is hard at work on his next album due sometime in the future.


Furilas, known to Meatspace as Mac Hunter, has been playing all the basses (often with too many strings) since he first wrangled a SNES controller. In recent years he has capitalised on that timing through the privilege of playing for video game music veterans like Chernabogue and The Legendary Zoltan. When not playing his beloved basses, Furilas enjoys kitchen adventures, exploring the universe of tea, and hair-whipping his enemies into submission. And he would love to play for you.

GamerShredding (OmariuZ; Luis Sáenz)

Gamer Shredding is a group made up of gamers dedicated to making covers for video games and the original soundtracks. This project was initiated to develop fun and musical talent. The music we play contains many styles and genres that fans ask us. We hope you enjoy our songs!


Alex Shtokalko is my RL name; I have lived in Coquitlam, BC, Canada all of my life insofar and am 28 years of age. I'm more of a hobbyist than a professional and constantly struggle with meeting OCR's standards, but I certainly try lol (never too hard though =p). The DAW I use is FL Studio.


Cameron Steele is a Australian, 23 year old composer of original and remixed video game music. Cameron's interest in video game music began at a very young age and he is in his final year of a bachelor of musical composition degree. He has studied voice piano, guitar and audio production for a number of years.


I've been producing music for many years now using trackers like FT2, ModPlug and Renoise to do the job. Mainly I tend to gravitate towards metal and it's subgenres but I also make some electro and EDM stuff.

Mak Eightman

I took guitar when i was 13 and throw it away when i was 13 Then get back to this instrument in 2007 and wrote my first underground album. Due to lack of free time, my skills had no progress. Still has not much of free time.
Came to internet in Dec 2009 And joined OCR in Jan 2010. Before OCR, I had no idea about music mixing. After I joined SD3 project, my skills flew away with no trace. In 2011(or so) I subbed few remixes to OCR wich was posted in 2012. After that kind of boost, i'm haunting OCR projects time after time.
BA2 was my proud! I had 3 tracks in it. So after this I wanted to join BA3. Big boss Pu, offered me some ""western"" source and I took it gladly. With Timaeus's help this ReMix sounds pretty much epic) I want to thank BA staff for letting me in and help!


Mirby, real name Taylor Lyndis, is a girl who plays way too many games and occasionally makes music and/or writes lyrics for songs.


Alan Taylor
Kentucky, USA
Dad, Gamer, IT Person
Born 4/22/1980 Charleston, West Virginia
Turbografx-16 & Dark Souls enthusiast


Pablo Coma was born in july 1980. After completeing a degree in animation / computer graphics, he enters the Smurfs’ Studio (2004 – today). In 2007 he get back to the music school after-hours, and takes lessons in piano, harmony, composition and music theory during 4 years. Meanwhile, he also studies music composition by himself, mainly with the books by Schoenberg and Rimsky-Korsakov.

In 2011 he starts composing music for little video games featuring the Smurfs.
In 2012, unable to find a job as a composer for video games, he founds Rablo Games, and starts the development of Lost Spirits of Kael as a solo indie developer. The game, still in development, received very positive press feedback, especially for its soundtrack and graphical style.

In 2014, he starts a new, smaller game project : Healer Quest. The game is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.

Lost Spirits of Kael trailer
Healer Quest trailer


Pieter van Os (pu_freak) has been remixing since 2006 and have been part of quite a few OC ReMix Albums in the last couple of years. He's been playing piano since he was five years old and it comes as no surprise that his mixes are all piano mixes, usually supported by strings and minor other instruments. Previously being the assistent director of BadAss 1 and 2, now the director BadAss 3. What can I say, I just love the job ;)


Hey, I'm Redg and there are all these wacked sounds coming out of my speakers for some reason. I figure I'd pop a few into your ear holes. I picked my favs so you'll probably dig.


Guitarist who makes covers of video game music and sometimes other songs too. *Insert more interesting facts about myself*


Joseph "SkyRiderX" Zellerkraut - A long time listener and now newcomer to the OCR scene SkyRiderX brings a new flavor of dark electronic to the mix. Inspired and influenced by the legendary "Zircon" Joseph has worked his way up from creating his own album to making music for indie games. He continues to mix and learn, always refining his sounds to one day make the golden OCR standard.


Timaeus is an artist who began writing and producing music in April 2011. He loves writing electronic music, especially dubstep and glitch music, but he occasionally wanders into musical styles he has never tried before just for kicks, like horror, cinematic, and complextro, all of which were represented in his contributions to this album. Depending on the situation, he would be ready and happy to collaborate on just about anything.

Tuberz McGee

"Tuberz hails from the highly menacing country place thing of Australia and fights for his survival against the many animals, lizards, plants and politicians that wish to kill him on a daily basis.
After choosing to learn the guitar at the age of 8 or 9 (I seriously forget which one because seriously who has time to remember that stuff) he spent countless hours honing his skills until he could play Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple which granted is not a large talent.
Tuberz often spends his weekends and holidays snuggling with kitty cats and recording guitars for Chernabogue.
Seriously like, are we married or what?"


Joseph "XPRTNovice" Zieja - A reknowned remixer and excellent voice actor Joe Zieja does it all. XPRTNovice has lent his talents to a number of OCR tracks and always helped bring the track to a whole new level. This time around Joe answered the call once more and teamed up with his counter part/evil twin to produce a sinister track created by pure double Joe Z. power.