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About volume 3

Welcome to the beginning of the end! BadAss 3 is the final boss of the boss themes albums, so to say. Like the previous volumes, BadAss 3 consists of awesome renditions of various boss themes, from popular series such as Final Fantasy to more obscure games like Vectorman and Wild Guns. But make no mistake: this is not not BadAss 1 or 2.

As with a good trilogy, the first one is to introduce people to the concept and vibe, the second part is the meanest and darkest one and the final entry is the epic finale. In Boss terms: BadAss 1 were the level bosses, BadAss 2 is the mean, though-as-nails general you will have to defeat before you take take on the final mastermind: BadAss 3. This is also reflected in the vibe of the albums. BadAss 1 had general evil sounding boss remixes, BadAss 2 had more of a focus on meaner, darker and grittier mixes, while this volume has epic orchestral rock or creepy mind-twisting remixes.

This album won't punch you in the face with the raw power than Volume 2 had, but rather attack you mentally, by conquering your soul with bombastic powerful songs and driving you insane with the twisted ones. You WILL feel evil after listening to this. Find you inner Darth Vader or your inner Dexter and enjoy the epic conclusion of the (first?) BadAss trilogy!